digizoo enters into strategic alliance with Expiriti
15th November, 2015

Sydney, Australia

Digizoo and Expiriti have joined forces in a strategic alliance that brings together digizoo's highly accomplished technology delivery capability with Expiriti's reputation and pedigree in User Experience research, training, and mentoring.

Expiriti are Australia's premier user experience research consultancy, with their own dedicated studio and usability lab located in the Sydney CBD.

"Having worked together on several projects, it was clear that our approaches and philosophies for client enablement and self sufficiency were in sync" said Robert Kassis, Director of Sales and Marketing at digizoo; "we are very excited to be able to provide our clients with an end to end capability to assist them in their entire digital journeys".

Mike Feghali, Principal at Expiriti is also pleased at being able to assist their clients by "offering the follow through implementation services that complement the UX and customer centric vision that we work with our clients to build".

Further information about Expiriti can be found at