Pacific National asks digizoo to provide a Rapid Innovation "Ninja" Team
13th July, 2017

Sydney, Australia

Pacific National, one of Australia's largest rail freight companies has asked digizoo to provide a team of ninjas to provide their IT department with a blueprint for new ways of working and digital enablement.

The digizoo team is a small crack team, each member possessing broad skills and able to undertake multiple roles simultaneously. This lean approach allows for solutions to be incubated, designed, built, and deployed in a much more rapid time and cost to traditional IT, amd even faster than a full agile team.

By focusing on providing outcomes and value to staff in the field, and using a Lean UX approach, the team will develop and integrate innovative mobile apps that bring dramatic efficiencies to the workers in the field.

The mobile apps are not just lightweight generic apps with limited functionality, they are designed with the business in mind first and foremost, and deeply integrated into the core systems for Train and Asset Management and co-designed with workers in the field using a lean UX process of consultation and prototyping.