Case Study
New FutureTech Platform and Backbase Online and Mobile Banking
Rabobank Australia & New Zealand

Client Description

Rabobank's journey to a new customer centric platform in rapid time was "bootstrapped" by digizoo specialists in key areas such as web and mobile applications, integration and API's, new security platform and standards, Testing Frameworks, Automation, DevOps, and Containerisation.


Digizoo provided a key mentoring role to help Rabobank to recruit and train their own teams, as well providing architectural guidance on technology architecture for important facets of the FutureTech Transformation program, including Backbase CXP for Online and Mobile Banking, security, devOps, Integration, Agile practices, data management, infrastructure, Testing and Automation frameworks.

Digizoo Role

  • Assist with program planning and backlog development
  • Establish new agile practices and artifacts
  • Assist with recruitment of new Rabobank technical resources, including technical capability verification
  • New testing and automation frameworks based on Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Establish new developer tooling and desktop, including source code management strategy and CI/CD pipelines
  • Containerise and automate deployments using modern cloud based technologies
  • Lead the streams for Solution Architecture, Back End development, Front End Development, Business Analysis, DevOps, and Agile ways of working for the newly formed Online & Mobile Banking team
  • Provide expertise in Backbase for the broader team


Using digizoo as the "spine" of their team, the Rabobank Online & Mobile Banking team were able to demonstrate a rapid delivery of high quality software that was a blueprint of how it's done for the whole program.