Case Study
Locomotive Driver Mobile App
Pacific National

Client Description

Digizoo designed and developed one of the most innovative projects to touch the rail industry; an application that assists train drivers by providing up-to-date information on their shift and a host of other features such as

  • Who am I working with
  • Where do I meet my relief
  • Real time mapping information and the location of the train
  • Ability to view my train on a map and other trains around me
  • I can communicate with the train through the 3/4G or loco phone
  • Where’s my crew car
  • Receive real-time notifications of events and delays
  • Chat bot to communicate with supervisors and control
  • Sign off remotely when going into barracks
  • Intelligent help option through the chat bot interface
  • Capture defects in the loco and on wagons
  • View consist information and check status of wagons
  • Submit a consist
  • Green or red card a wagon
  • Brake certificates and many more


As well as introducing new technologies, digizoo also brought fresh new delivery approaches using User Experience and Service Design concepts, Agile practices, DevOps, and modern lightweight integration patterns to demonstrate how a small team can deliver big results... quickly.

With key executive support to fund a highly skilled team, rather than just a project, the digizoo team were able to repay the trust in spades, receiving accolades and recognition globally at the company board of directors in New York.

Digizoo Role

Digizoo provided a complete delivery team and established new ways of working for a very traditional orgaisation. The team was able to demonstrate the value of the new approach through rapid delivery of high quality solutions that far exceeded the expectations of a demanding business.


Efficiency improvements of over 70% were realised through the implementation of the Driver App solution.