Case Study
digizoo instrumental in designing and building new platform
86400 Bank

Client Description

Digizoo reviewed all options and provided clear insight which fed into a larger business case that building a bank from scratch would provide better results, faster implementation and richer capabilities.


86400, embedded digizoo’s core set of engineers and architects as part of their own tech team. Digizoo’s team goals are to make the impossible to possible, which is to bring a full mobile only bank, with focused differentiators to public release in just over a year.


  • Build a business case, to bring a new mobile only bank using conceptual examples
  • Bootstrap a full tech team, to provide frameworks, culture and high quality engineers
  • Provide selection criteria and management of technology vendors
  • Architect & develop a modular innovative digital platform to give 86400 customers a smarter, more personalised mobile banking experience.

Digizoo Role

  • Secure hybrid-cloud highly available API enabled mobile bank
  • Purpose driven microservice architected digital platform
  • Continually executable set of digital services, that ensures data never becomes stale
  • A set of closed loop insight technologies to shorten the cycle of discovery to knowledge


  • A modular and decoupled platform to enable 86 400 to stay up to date with the latest technological capabilities.
  • Allow 86 400 to do things in real real-time and bring great products to customers lives
  • Keeping 86 400 delivering value to their customers every second of every minute of every day