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Digital Transformation

DigiZoo offers a pragmatic transitional approach to shifting your technology from the systems that you have today, toward the digital systems that your business wants and needs.

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API 'The New' Economy

Pragmatic Digital Transformation

Welcome to Digizoo

There are many Digital Transformation experts that will happily provide you with a report of what you need to have, and then leave you with the responsibility of funding and implementing a generic strategy.

We understand that you can’t just ignore your existing critical systems; our approach and architectures are designed to bridge the gap. Our extensive experience in the world of integration will allow your business to continue to leverage the investments that you’ve made in your core systems over the years, and then liberate and transition the required data to the digital ecosystem.


DigiZoo has a vision to fill a gap in the market for practical transition from traditional systems and processes to the new digital world.

The founders are all very experienced technologists with a passion for hands-on involvement in the delivery of platform modernisation projects.

The delivery team is a collection of like minded and experienced professionals who choose to use their skills and experience to implement projects that deliver real value. We pride ourselves on being a strategic enabler for digital transformation, rather than a façade for a resourcing business.

We love to talk innovation and digital strategy

Open Source

Taming the explosion of open source software for a better Enterprise alternative.


What's hot and what's not! How do you choose "best practice" for your next digital and mobility project?


The new world of micro services and APIs. How do you cope with all the choice?

Secret Sauce

How does our team assist you in integrating your Business with cloud and open source?

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